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Stabilisation of slope adjacent to a highway junction

Lister, Stevenage

5 Days

34 soil nails 4m long.


Regrading of verge adjacent to highway junction with soil nails ,double twist mesh and geocell soil retaining system.

The junction adjacent to the Lister Hospital was re-designed and due to the angle at which the adjacent verge was left additional support and regrading was required. The project required traffic management and lane closures, which reduced the available working hours and required daily reinstatement of the footpath. The highest part of the slope was soil nailed with double twist mesh and geocell fixed to the slope to retain topsoil and enable the slope to be vegetated. The adjacent slope was re-profiled to a more stable angle and the spoil spread and compacted to the adjacent area.

The overall length of the slope wall about 70m with a maximum slope height of 5m. A total of 34No. 4m long soil nails were installed.


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