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Stabilisation of existing reinforced concrete wall


12 Days



Stabilisation and re-alignment of a reinforced concrete wall installed for a new housing development.

The aim of this project was to provide long term support as well as providing some realignment to a newly installed reinforced concrete retaining wall for a new housing development. The new wall was found to have lost its verticality once the house building works commenced. Due to the proximity of the new build it was necessary to both stabilise and realign the existing wall. The backfill to the rear of the wall was of poor quality and a section had to be removed and re-compacted by the main contractor. The existing wall was cored at the required anchor locations to install the anchors through the wall. The re-compacted zone of backfill to the rear of the wall was left low to facilitate the installation of the anchors which were then connected through to the front of the wall and tensioned. The low level of the backfill and the tensioning of the anchors allowed the wall to be pulled back into alignment.

The overall length of the wall was 70m with a height of 4m, a total of 70 No. 12m long duckbill anchors were installed. The length of the anchors was determined by the poor quality of the backfill to the rear of the wall.


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