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Asda Pontefract


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Stabilisation and erosion protection to an existing sandstone face to the rear of a supermarket

The aim of this project was to protect the exposed face of an old sandstone quarry to the rear of the store from further erosion and spalling.

The works comprised the installation of rock fall mesh to the full extent of the sandstone face. Ground anchors 4m long were installed at the top of the slope at 3m centres to provide fixing points for the ropes required to anchor the mesh. A bespoke inverted U channel system was installed at the top of the slope to hold the mesh in place, this channel was also fixed to the ground anchors.

Prior to the installation of the system the slope was required to be de-vegetated to provide access to the working area. During these works it was discovered that plastic gabions had previously been installed at the crest of the slope. The presence of these short lifespan gabions necessitated a re-design of the proposed works and the installation of an additional row of 3m long anchors below the gabions with a bespoke galvanised steel strapping system to support these existing gabions.

The rock fall mesh was installed from the top of the slope and the scaffold temporarily altered as required to facilitate the installation of the rock fall mesh and fixing ropes down the face of the slope. The ropes were anchored, using turn buckles, to 2m long nails installed at 3m centres along the bottom on the slope, to match the top nails.

The works were undertaken from a full scaffold, installed by the main contractor Key Electrical adjacent to the sandstone face, using hand held installation equipment.


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